We are looking for producers to join our team !

We are looking for new lentil producers for the 2022 harvest. Preferably close to our site, in the Aube, Côte d’Or, Yonne and Nièvre departments.

The benefits ?

  • Join a collective of 120 producers

  • Opt for contract production

  • Enjoy high margins thanks to advantageous purchase prices

  • Defend the values of the agricultural sector and solidarity among local farmers

“Defending the values of the agricultural sector and solidarity among farmers is in our genes“ 


It takes a team effort to offer an extensive and regular range of high-quality dried pulses. This why here at La Ferme Parthiot, we work with responsible producers and select our partners carefully according to our strict specifications. Our producers are committed to sustainable and integrated agricultural practices that respect their surrounding ecosystems. Our aim? To guide them towards a HEV (High Environmental Value) process.

Our ultimate aim is to have complete control of the sector to supply high-quality local and regional products that comply with specifications and guarantee food safety.

The main points of the charter

  • 1.

    100% French production

  • 2.

    Production according to specifications

  • 3.

    Complete traceability from field to plate

  • 4.

    Producer commitment to CSR

  • 5.

    Objective to reduce phytosanitary residues to zero

  • 6.

    Storage without insecticides

  • 7.

    No more than one intermediary between the producer and the processor

  • 8.

    Commitment of all producers to High Environmental Value

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